Announcing New Editors and A Call For An Editor

We are excited to announce that we have two new editors for our site.

Alessandra Mondin is an Italian currently living in the UK and doing a PhD at the University of Sunderland. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and an Erasmus Mundus MA in Women’s and Gender Studies. In her spare time you can find her cooking and baking vegan food, taking pictures, blogging, and seldomly writing for an online independent Italian music magazine. She also volunteers as a proofreader and editor for R-A-S-P, a company which publishes books by authors who are dyslexic. You can follow her on Twitter @VanillaWater.

Jhuma Sen is a lawyer and legal researcher based in New Delhi. She primarily practices in the Supreme Court of India and is a consultant with Lawyers Collective, an NGO offering public interest service through human rights advocacy, legal aid and litigation. She was an American Association of University Women’s International Fellow at University of California at Berkeley where she pursued her Masters in Laws (LL.M) in International Law. She views laws and the legal through a feminist lens and intends to write on feminist politics and law. She can be reached at and occasionally tweets @inabluehouse.

This means that we currently have seven editors spread out across the world: Malaysia, Texas, United Kingdom, Indiana, Pennsylvania, India, and Iowa.

Flyover Feminism is forever a work in progress. It’s an idea, and we hope its shape and scope will change as more people share their perspectives and experiences.

We want to make our space less US centered and we know that starts with who is running and editing the site. Therefore, we would like to bring on one more editor who lives outside of the US.

We are seeking someone to be a fully vested editorial partner, who is willing to volunteer time and energy alongside us to recruit writers, edit submissions, moderate comments, and manage the space. 

Final note: this site is a labor of love for everyone involved. The funds for this site come out of our pockets. Therefore, we cannot provide any compensation for editors at this time. This will be a volunteer position.

If you are interested in applying for the Flyover Feminism editor position, please email us at Tell us why you’d like to be an editor for the site and why you think you would be a good editor for Flyover. We will be keeping the search for an editor open until we fill the position.

For more information about our goals at Flyover, see our about page.


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