Follow Up: Women of Color Deserve More Out of Feminism

by Lily Bolourian

Bolourian is an undergraduate student at George Mason University in Virginia where she co-founded the student group Patriots for Choice. She currently serves as a fellow for the Obama campaign and is a proud Maryland native. You can find her being silly at,, and ranting on Twitter @LilyOutLoud.

After receiving an outpouring of unexpected support stemming from my piece about how women of color deserve much more out of feminism and from their white feminist sisters, I took to Twitter to further discuss this problem.

Here you will find the Storify of my long Twitter rant on how exclusive feminism has always been and continues to be, despite hollow words spoken by leaders in the movement claiming to be concerned with inclusion. If inclusion was indeed as important to the agenda of feminist leaders as they would have you believe, women of color would be included and made to feel wanted in this movement on a far larger scale than they are now. Period.

Take a look and let me know what you think. As a good ally should, I welcome any and all criticism.

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2 Responses to “Follow Up: Women of Color Deserve More Out of Feminism”

  1. Melissa McEwan

    Lily, I love the Storify follow-up, with your additional commentary. Thank you for bringing this conversation to FF, and thank you for expecting more of me.

    I know that expecting more of white feminists isn’t easy, and that it carries a huge risk of disappointment. It is a brave and optimistic thing to do, in spite of a history that provides little incentive for hopefulness.

    It isn’t possible or realistic for one to promise to never fuck up, but it is possible and realistic to promise to listen when one does.

    The fact that I am a better listener than I was when I started blogging has to do with my own disappointments from ostensible allies (see e.g. Kos, Daily), from having been the one to do the disappointing, and from having more expected of me.

  2. Amadi

    Lily, I was struck by this:

    “A good feminist can look inward and say, “I have sucked at inclusion.” Instead of being offended by criticism.”

    I think more than “can” a good feminist must look inside, on a regular basis, to assess failures (and successes) and chart a forward course.

    As Melissa said, it isn’t possible or realistic to never fuck up, but the only way to even try to avoid it is through and introspection that can be hard when, as you noted, popularity and a belief system cozily in line with mainstream feminist thinking, create comfort.

    Fabulous job bringing this out. Thank you, Lily!


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