This page is where you can keep up with on-going series here at Flyover Feminism.

An interview series with feminist and womanist activists around the world who are putting their beliefs into practice.

We are taking inspiration from Tori’s post “Things That Are Awesome About Southern Arizona” (published here on 8/22/12)If you live some place that most people know little to nothing about and you want to share why you love it there, please let us know. While Tori’s post has lots of wonderful images, your list does not need to be image heavy (or have images at all). The post can be personal or general (e.g. do you love it because you happen to have caring neighbors? Or because hiking in the area is the best for hundreds of miles?). For more on submitting to Flyover Feminism.

If you’d like to add your own voice to this discussion of class and economics, please see our submission page for more information on posting at Flyover Feminism.

Flyover Feminism is investigating the topic of voting from a feminist perspective. We’re interested in exploring who gets to vote, how voting discourse is shaped by the media, how voting differs by geographical location, and how voting impacts different groups of people.

We would love posts on any of the following topics but topics for this series are certainly not limited to only this list:

  • voting rights
  • women and voting
  • minorities and voting
  • accessibility of voting
  • mainstream discourse on voting
  • why I vote
  • why I don’t vote
  • why I’m undecided

We want to hear from YOU! Chime in on any of the above suggested topics or send us something entirely different, expressing why voting is such an important topic to you.