Radical Catholics

by Shannon T.L. Kearns

House of the Transfiguration is a new church start in Minneapolis that seeks to combine the best of ancient ritual and modern practice: think cassocks and Converse. We’re a community of people who are trying to be radical together, who want a deep spirituality without having to leave any of who we are outside of the church. This is a community that is led by a transgender man and that encourages and supports women in leadership.

So many people have felt like there is no place for them in the church. They have been told they can’t be in leadership, they can’t speak, that their needs aren’t important. Or, they have found a church that accepts them but that doesn’t resonate with them. We’re hoping to bridge that gap; be welcoming to people who have not been able to find a religious home while also providing ritual that holds meaning. We’ll be saying the Mass with inclusive language, bringing in different styles of music, and encouraging shared leadership. We’ll also share a lot of meals together, support one another, challenge each other, and work together.

House of the Transfiguration is an Old Catholic church, which is an independent Catholic group that ordains women, queer folks, and partnered folks and is focused on social justice. We want to be a part of the community in which we are located, we want to reduce the violence around us in Minneapolis, help to alleviate suffering where we can, and bring about positive change in our city.

We’re trying to raise funds to get us up and going. We’re hoping to raise $2000 (or more), which will allow us to get some of the church supplies we need, have money to take people out for coffee to hear their stories, and more. You can donate here: http://igg.me/p/230112?a=1265359.

You can find us at: www.houseofthetransfiguration.com, on twitter @transfiguremn, and on Facebook.com/transfiguremn

[Note: House of the Transfiguration is committed to anti-rape advocacy. It will have a safe church policy in place. Regarding allegations of sexual abuse, there will be absolute transparency in any investigations.]


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