Flyover Feminism aims to be a place that challenges existing kyriarchal frames by introducing new ideas and new perspectives—we want to spotlight new/alternative ways at looking at things, rather than merely criticizing them. This space is conceived with the specific objective that its content should inspire people to think about things in new ways through personal perspective-sharing, rather than straight-up criticism.

If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it. Either pitch us an idea or submit a post (or cross-post).

We are looking for posts that are 250 – 1000 words long (though we will consider longer projects). Submissions must include the author’s preferred byline/bio and post title.

Here is a not-at-all-inclusive list of possible topics for posts on FF:

  • Description of your own feminist/womanist activist project or one in which you participate
  • A discussion of your local activist/feminist/womanist community (or lack thereof)
  • Tell us what obstacles you face in doing your activism or being feminist/womanist where you live
  • Have you found any resources to be particularly useful to your work (either online or on-the-ground)? Which ones? Why? Any that were total failures?
  • An interview with a local activist/feminist/womanist or a discussion between activists/feminists/womanists in different locations
  • Share your stories of success or defeat
  • Profile local politicians who are doing it right or shame the ones doing it wrong

Also, if you know of an activist whose work you’d like to see on this site or you’d like to know more about, please send us their name and any contact information you have for them (website, email, Twitter handle, etc.).

We also have a few on-going series if you are interested in being a part of them, including Things that Are Awesome about [Where You Live], Voices on Class, and Voices on Voting.

Submissions must conform to the commenting policy, and/or will be edited accordingly.

If you submission includes audio or video, please also include a transcript or indicate that you will provide one before the post is published.

Please label your email “Submission” when you send it to submissions[at]flyoverfeminism[dot]com.

Final note: this site is a labor of love. The funds for this site come out of our pockets. Therefore, we cannot provide any compensation for submissions.