TODAY: Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion

A piece of paper that reads: Safe Abortion Is a Human Right. No matter what your income. National Network of Abortion Funds #Sept28
September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion

[NB: more people than just cis women need and want access to safe and legal abortion.]


September 28 Global Day of Action website records the actions individuals, organizations and governments worldwide are taking to defend, protect and fulfill women’s right to accessible, safe and legal abortion. It offers resources and educational materials on abortion rights advocacy as well as equips activists with hands on materials for action taking. This website is a platform for all reproductive justice activists who have chosen to mobilise on September 28 Global Day of Action to make their demands heard and for all those who are inspired to join the women’s movement for reproductive choice.

The website has a page dedicated to resources and another page titled “Take Action.”

From Melissa McEwan at Shakesville:

Pathfinder International…is marking Global Safe Abortion Action Day by sharing stories of what abortion looks like in parts of Africa, where reproductive rights are not guaranteed. As we know, reproductive rights aren’t guaranteed anywhere, not even in the US, without fierce defenders among policymakers. Securing reproductive rights globally is an active, ongoing pursuit.

Pathfinder is doing fundraising through the 30th that’s being matched by a generous donor, if you’d like someplace to point your teaspoon today.

Other suggestions for donations, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to wield your teaspoon:Planned ParenthoodDoctors Without BordersThe Lilith FundCareThe Guttmacher Institute.The National Abortion FederationThe Feminist Abortion NetworkChoice USAEuropean Pro-Choice NetworkNARALCatholics for Choice.

From the National Network of Abortion Funds:

September 28 is the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion. Today, we celebrate the work that our international funds are doing to minimize the dangers of unsafe abortion in countries where abortion is a crime, and the work that grassroots abortion funds do here at home.

  • In England, the Abortion Support Network is a beacon to women forced to leave Ireland to receive a safe abortion.
  • In Mexico, Fondo Maria helps those who need to travel to Mexico City for an abortion.
  • And all over the world, the international organization Women on Web helps women obtain safe abortion care in countries where abortion is illegal.

On this day of action we also recognize that abortion is still out of reach for far too many women here in the United States today. …

We ask you to join abortion funds and our global allies today by declaring your support for abortion access. Join us on Twitter under the hashtags #Sept28, #safeabortion, and #abortionrts.

Leave your comments on our petition to Repeal the Hyde Amendment.

And post your messages or share your photos (like this one) to our Facebook page.

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