Voices on Voting: An Immigrant’s Perspective

By Ruxandra Looft

Looft is an editor and freelance writer born in the former communist Romania, now living in Des Moines, Iowa. Find more of her work on her website and follow her on Twitter: @Simply Bike.

I watched the US presidential debate last night and I worry about the future of this country if Romney were to win. When asked about equal pay for women, he responded with a misplaced example of affirmative action. Then followed up with a sexist comment about women needing to be home in time to serve dinner to their children. I’m sorry, Governor Romney, but that does nothing to address the concern for equal pay. Also, the idea that married hetero households prevent gun violence is so ludicrous that I don’t even know where to begin. And that’s not even addressing his party’s stance on health care, taxes, immigration, contraception, abortion, and environmentalism.

I think I always understood on a theoretical level why my parents emigrated to escape a political situation they found deeply upsetting, but now I understand it on a very real and practical level.

That is why I vote. Because I’m not ready to abandon my friends, my community, and my life in this country. Something my parents worked so hard to achieve after leaving a communist dictatorship and emigrating two more times before making a life in the US (legally, for the record, Mr. Romney).

I’m not ready to leave and so I cannot be silent.

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